We are Hiring!

We are looking for a skilled animator to join us on The Darken!

Role Overview

  • Working with motion capture performances to create a compelling rich story/gameplay
  • Working with motion capture data from start to finish
  • Retargeting
  • Cleanup of data
  • Editing the results to enhance motion
  • Creating various key-frame animations
  • Process facial capture data onto human rigs

Good to have some experience in (not necessarily required)

  • Animating with motion capture
  • Working on cut scenes, gameplay and/or interactive animation
  • Have a good sense of weight and timing in your animation performances
  • Be a creative, innovative problem solver
  • Be organized, productive, and a good communicator
  • Be flexible with making edits and revisions based on gameplay requirements
  • Have the ability to grasp new technology quickly and get the most out of it


As a part of the Myrkur Games application process, candidates will be expected to provide a portfolio or demo reel of their work and may be asked to complete an animation test.

Please submit applications/questions through the form at www.myrkur.is/jobs or through email at myrkur@myrkur.is