Character Roles


This document contains sample voice lines for Myrkur’s game, The Darken: Echoes of the End, shared for the purpose of auditioning. All places, characters and other details mentioned herein are properties of Myrkur Games ehf. Any recordings of these lines sent to Myrkur Games are for auditioning purposes only. They will not be shared further, or used for commercial or promotional purposes. Myrkur reserves the right to keep these recordings over the production period of The Darken.  The sharing of this document is permitted. In fact, Myrkur encourages auditioners to share it with others who may be interested, and direct them to send their recordings to By sending an audition recording to Myrkur Games ehf. you agree to these terms and conditions.

Submission Format

Begin all recordings by stating the character role and line number(s) you will be reading. Please submit through our form at the bottom of this page or through our email at Upload all your recordings (and supplementary material, if any) to a Google Drive folder and include a shared link to the folder in your submission (instructions). Please record three performances of each line being auditioned. Improvisation is encouraged!

Please note that it may take us up to two weeks to respond to your audition.

Female Characters

This section contains sample lines for characters that are specifically female.

Role: Soldier

Character Description:  Young, in her twenties. Tough; she’s been through a lot for a person her age. Dry, sarcastic humor.
Audition Context #1: Responding to a threat from a group of bandits
Audition Line #1: “You have a very simple decision to make: get out of my way, or die.”

Audition Context #2: Casual conversation, reacting to the mention of a city.
Audition Line #2: “I know that name. It’s a merchant city, right? Somewhere off the west coast.”

Role: Caretaker / Nurse

Character Description:  Around 30. Strong-willed, but caring.
Audition Context #1: Attempting to calm down a difficult patient.
Audition Line #1: “Easy, now. You’re a quick healer, but you’ll want to spare that shoulder for a while yet.”

Male Characters

This section contains sample lines for characters that are specifically male.

Role: Religious Leader / Priest

Character Description: Middle-aged, around fifty. Firm, but kind. Fascinated by discovery and adventure. Speaks his mind.
Audition Context #1: Answering the question ‘what is this place?’
Audition Line #1: “An unnamed cave, some distance below Reader’s Ridge. It’s insignificant in almost every way, and yet it may just be the beginning of the greatest discovery of our time.”

Role: Group Leader

Character Description:  Age non-specific. Gruff, tough and ruthless.
Audition Context #1: Giving orders to his followers
Audition Line #1: “Keep moving. You, stay here, keep an eye on him.”

Role: Scholar

Character Description:  Age non-specific. Cold, distant, superior.
Audition Context #1: Addressing a group of disarmed scavengers.
Audition Line #1: “Disappointing. I had not thought this such a lawless land, for men to prey upon the legacy of their betters.”

Non-Specific characters

This section contains sample lines for characters that can be either male or female.

Role: Scavenger

Character Description:  Rugged, uneducated, unlikable.
Audition Context #1: Grumbling and complaining to himself.
Audition Line #1: “Nothing but old tomes and rotting scrolls. Thought we’d find some good stuff.”

Audition Context #2: Spotting the player in a combat situation.
Audition Line #2: “She’s over there!”

Role: Townsperson

Character Description:  All ages, all types
Audition Context #1: Grumbling to themselves.
Audition Line #1: “Another day, another shipment.”

Audition Context #2: Casual conversation, gossip.
Audition Line #2: “Have you heard the rumors from out east?”

Audition Context #3: Hawking their wares at the market.
Audition Line #3: “Fish! Fresh fish! Get the day’s catch for the lowest price around!”

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