Myrkur Games


Make your hobby your job, and you’ll never work a day in your life.

As Myrkur’s lead writer and performance director, it’s Daði’s job to shape The Darken’s story into tangible scenes. From writing scripts to directing actors and cameras, Daði pretty much represents the “cinematic” part of “cinematic experience.”

From a young age, film and cinema have played a huge role in Daði’s life. He started making short films before he was even ten years old; a hobby that stuck with him all the way through his teens. It was inevitable that he’d end up studying in the Icelandic Film School, where he graduated from Writing & Directing with his tabletop RPG-inspired film, “Hittarar & Krittarar.”

Daði has a passion for studying stories and their structure. He’ll watch movies, analyze them, turn off the sound and repeat the process. There’s nothing he appreciates more than a beautifully structured story, and to this day he watches his favorite movies every year, including Lord of the Rings, the Cornetto Trilogy, the Ocean’s films and many more.

Daði’s favorite games include Mount&Blade, The Witcher and Civilization V.

“I run a series of D&D games set in my own little world, which I’ve written over 120 thousand words in my own campaign setting document.”

“I own over 300 DVDs that are now very much out of date, since I do not own any device capable of playing a DVD.”

“Every now and again, I need to unplug. That’s when I put on some music and assemble LEGOs.”