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Eiríkur Hákon

Chances are you’ll find Eiríkur working in a brand new field every week.

     Possessed of a unique talent for design and a strong creative vision, Eiríkur brings a lot to the Myrkur team. His primary roles in the production of The Darken: Echoes of the End include level design, post-processing, and programming, while also spearheading the production of Myrkur’s Vlogs and social media content.

     Like his brother Friðrik, Eiríkur has a passion for bad jokes. One of his favorites is spinning people’s names into something funny by changing or adding a few letters. Here he tends to put his creative mind to some of its hardest work, churning out a dozen or so versions of the same name within the space of a minute.

     Outside of the office, Eiríkur pursues a number of creative hobbies. He particularly enjoys doodling and painting, having far more paintings in storage than he can hope to deal with. He’s also a passionate board gamer, regularly spending his evenings with his family and friends playing social deception games, such as The Resistance or Secret Hitler.

     Eiríkur’s favorite games include League of Legends, The Fallout Series and Overwatch.

“I enjoy anything that lets me express my creative side..  whether it is sketching, photography or making games, I somehow always find myself drawn to it.

“I love painting, just for the fun of it. I usually paint on whatever I have lying around at the moment. The color inspirations in my paintings are mostly derived from the colors that I have too much of.

“I love traveling and I love being on top of things… ”

“When making jokes I find it very important to have a clear and clever twist to them, I never enjoy self deprecating jokes and I hate puns!?

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