From darkness a legend is born... Ryn Cutout png The Darken Myrkur Games
Ryn Early concept

“…for what worth has a weapon

with no hand to wield it?”


-Excerpt from the writings of Grand Master Lin’tsair

    The Darken. Iskia Di’vor. Ynora Vyrtis. Though the names may be different, their meaning is the same. In each culture, the legend differs only slightly. A child is born, touched by darkness, suffused in an aura that devours all. In nearly every case, the child dies within a week. Rarely, it survives for two. Rarest of all is the child that survives to adulthood, learning to control the power that twists it from within.
    In The Darken: Echoes of the End, you take on the role of one such Darken, Ryn, a loyal servant to the Syrouvian crown. Raised to wield her power in the king’s service, she proved herself a devastating weapon in his arsenal, earning a terrifying reputation among the more rebellious houses of Noi Syrouve.

     Now, as the crown’s power falters, Ryn finds herself an outcast among her people. Cast adrift from all she knows and thrust into conflict with ancient forces, she must adapt to a new reality and face revelations about the world, her family, and herself.
    Seize control of your destiny. Choose to embrace the power of the Darken, or fight to control it. Shape your rise to fame or notoriety as Ryn, The Darken.

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