Myrkur Games

Eydís Ósk

For Eydís, art and games come together as one.

     Filling roles from animation to asset production, and all the way to leading the design and production of hair for the wide variety of characters found within The Darken, it’s clear there isn’t much Eydís can’t do. She has a fantastic talent for anything 3D, and a great eye for visual design.

     Eydís sometimes refers to herself as a motion-enthusiast. What that means is anyone’s guess, but you will sometimes catch her quietly observing people from afar, a thoughtful expression on her face. We tend to think it’s a bit creepy, but she insists that it’s just for study.

     Plants are another of Eydís’s interests; a fact that’s obvious to anyone who visits the Myrkur office. Her desk is an epicenter of life, slowly taking over the rest of the office, one desk at a time. She’s a gamer at heart but gets so anxious playing them that she prefers watching Let’s Play videos instead. This does give her time to work on her kickass illustrations, which you can check out below, or on her Facebook and Instagram pages!

     Eydís’s favorite games include Bioshock, Horizon: Zero Dawn and Spyro.

“This is how i like to spend all my weekends if possible. Cozied up by the fire in my family’s hut. Built by my parents, its an ever evolving sort of hillbilly place of wonder where i spent all my summers and weekends as a child, learning to sow, garden, make mud cakes, play pirate and much more!

“Wee little me. As happy as ever after having gotten some alone time with the scissors, newly discovered by mom.

“Drawing is a big part of my life! It’s one of my favorite things to do and you’ll very often find me glued to my sketchbook.”