From darkness a legend is born... Ryn Cutout png The Darken Myrkur Games

Narrative-Driven Fantasy Adventure

     When we set out to create The Darken: Echoes of the End, our vision was clear. We wanted to tell a story that would stay with people for years to come and lay the foundation for a franchise. We wanted to create characters people would connect with, and whose adventures they’d want to follow for years to come. However, we knew that to achieve our vision we had to play to our strengths.

     In laying out these objectives, we realized that the term that best described The Darken was “narrative-driven fantasy adventure.” It describes a game where narrative is the focus, and the gameplay serves as the frame through which the story is presented. A structured, cinematic experience, that gives the player the ability to make impactful decisions, without expanding the scope beyond what a small studio can deliver.

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