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Friðrik Aðalsteinn

“Good jokes are good. Bad jokes are bad. But really terrible jokes? Those wrap all the way ’round to great again.”

     Friðrik is one of the three founders of Myrkur Games and a key vision holder of the exciting future that awaits Myrkur. He brings fantastic talent to the team as a software designer and programmer, leading the design of many of The Darken’s systems, while never lacking in charisma and spirit.

     For better or for worse, Friðrik brings his personal brand of humor to the Myrkur office. When it comes to jokes, he is a firm believer in quantity over quality, tending to measure success by the amount of tormented groans, mingled with muffled laughter. Most who meet Friðrik are quickly won over by his friendly smile, welcoming nature, and unfaltering kindness.

     Like many members of the Myrkur staff, Friðrik is a passionate board gamer in his free time. He and his brother Eiríkur often arrive at the office in the morning, debating the outcome of last night’s family game. He loves to engage in puzzles and problem-solving, a hobby he’s happy to enjoy at work as well as at home.

     Friðrik’s favorite games include The Mass Effect Series, League of Legends and Hearthstone.

“Growing up with brothers can be annoying at times, but when things get difficult, you always have little brothers to carry you on their backs.”

“It’s important to me to never take myself too seriously. Silliness is just part of my nature.”

“If I could choose just one hobby to enjoy for the rest of my life other than video games, it would be board games. Like I always say: better a board gamer than a bored gamer.

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