From darkness a legend is born... Ryn Cutout png The Darken Myrkur Games

Gameplay of The Darken: Echoes of the End

Exploration & discovery

Explore a unique and immersive world, full of stunning environments and fantastic landscapes. Uncover ancient mysteries to reveal the secrets of a bygone era, and discover the truth behind the echoes of the end.

Forge your own path

Adapt to each challenge as suits your personal style, using guile and cunning to strike from the shadows, or throwing caution to the wind and taking on your enemies head-on.  

Adapt your approach

Wield the forsaken power of the Darken against a variety of unique foes. Customize your abilities to suit your playstyle, as you seamlessly weave swordplay and magic into a dance of death.

Harsh environments

Struggle to survive in an unforgiving environment, overcoming each obstacle through cunning and tenacity. Use the power of the Darken to carve your own path through the wilds.

Narrative brought to life

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Redefining Fantasy Adventure

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