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Halldór Snær

For me, games are the ultimate storytelling tool. My goal is to create the best story yet.

     As Co-Founder and CEO of Myrkur Games, Halldór plays an integral role in the development and production of The Darken: Echoes of the End. With a background and experience in software design, game development and 3D art, Halldór brings a unique perspective to his role of support and oversight for the Myrkur team. Wherever he goes, he carries with him unparalleled drive and ambition, as inspiring as it is contagious.

     Growing up in the remote town of Sauðarkrókur, Iceland, Halldór has been playing games since his earliest years. His mother often tells the story of how he had his career completely planned at 12 years, at that point already deadset on pursuing a career in the video game industry. His mother convinced him that education was the key to his dreams, leading Halldór to seek an education in 3D art at CGMA as well as finishing a BSc from Reykjavík University in parallel with a specialization in game design and development. Upon graduation, he received an honorary scholarship to continue on to a masters degree, however, about halfway through he quit his studies to pursue his life’s passion and co-founded Myrkur Games.

     At Myrkur, Halldór takes on multiple roles every day, regularly spending a few too many hours at the office. His day-to-day task list contains anything from the design and production of characters and environments, to general business and project management.

     Halldór’s favorite games include The Witcher SeriesThe Mass Effect Series and World of Warcraft.

“I grew up in Sauðárkrókur in Skagarfjörður and consider it my hometown. I try to visit as often as possible, although probably not nearly as often as I should.

“Some people hide their age, some hide their weight…
I hide the number of days I spent online playing World of Warcraft. 
It’s one of my absolute favorites and it’s probably the biggest reason I got into games in the first place!

“Meet Tara, the official Myrkur office dog! Shes my best pal and loves hanging around the office. In my free time, I like to skip town to enjoy the outdoors with jogs or hikes, and Tara is always happy to come along.”

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