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Katrín Inga

“Life is too short to search for matching socks.”

     Katrín (or Kata) leads multiple facets of the design and production of characters and game environments at Myrkur. Her key roles for The Darken: Echoes of the End include leading the design and production of clothing for the world’s wide array of characters, as well as playing a vital part in level design and asset production.

     Growing up on a farm in the north of Iceland, surrounded by unparalleled nature, fresh air, and no internet, she developed a deep love for books and stories, while also spending her time learning a multitude of peculiar talents. Whether it’s dying ties, cutting smoked fish, carpenting, making sushi or Cambodian flutes, or even turning sheep droppings into kindling, Kata is the person you want by your side. She’s a jack-of-most-trades, every one of which is a valuable addition to the team. In recent months, her love of baking has begun to have a negative impact on general office waistlines. On the bright side, this proved to be a great incentive for the establishment of regular company trips to the gym.

     When time allows, she loves to enjoy the quiet, spending most weekends cozied up at home with a good book or a great game.

     Kata’s favorite games include Vampire the Masquerade: Bloodlines, Sims 2 and Heroes of Might and Magic 3.

“My three favorite things, my dog Sóley, my boyfriend Andri and the wonderful winter wonderland of Mývatnssveit in -18°c.”

“My father is what we like to call a “Smoke farmer”, he fishes and smokes the fish in an old way. I have been helping him since I’ve been able to walk. Few things can compare to the beauty of sailing on lake Mývatn, surrounded by birds and the wisdom of my father”

I learned how to weave in school, and while it may seem cool in theory it is slow and I do not have the patience for it in practice. Plus finding a loom is not that easy!”

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