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     At Myrkur we strive to bring realism to the characters of The Darken. To achieve this we use real-life data to create almost everything, from the main characters to the monsters and mythical beings that inhabit the world. We are innovating in the field of photogrammetric scanning, building our very own capture rig to capture actors, models, and objects to use as a basis for the game’s development.

     We are building a full capture dome to create high-quality digital actors in-house. By doing it in-house, we are able to develop drastically faster and adapt at any stage of the development. It’s also cheaper than any other alternative and gives us complete control of our entire pipeline during production, as we don’t have to rely on contractors or third party developers.

     Whether you see yourself as a village peasant, a hero of the realm or a treacherous villain; we’d love to hear from you. 

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