Using motion capture to create our story

Bringing characters to life by capturing motion.

     Behind every character is an actor, tasked with bringing that character to life. One of the ways in which they achieve this is through motion capture, using Myrkur’s in-house VICON rig, as well as top-of-the-line Faceware technology. Every sequence you see within the game world has been acted out in our studio by a vast variety of talented actors.
    This isn’t new in video game development. Larger studios have been using motion capture to craft lifelike characters since 2007, pushing the technology forward every step of the way.

     Now, as a result of their pioneering work, smaller developers can use these same tools to produce games with quality that rivals the productions of these Triple-A developers.
    The role of mocap actor at Myrkur is full of exciting challenges. Beyond the dialogue and the simple motions, they need to crouch, sprint, climb and fight. They work hand in hand with an experienced weapon master, to ensure the authenticity of the game’s swordplay, even as we imbue it with the magic that makes the world of The Darken unique.

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