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Calvin Cooke - An Intern from Ireland

We welcome Calvin Cook, an intern from Ireland who joined Myrkur for the summer to work on the sound production of The Darken.

Tell us a little about yourself
Hey, my name is Calvin Cooke, I'm from a village called Kilsheelan, and am currently studying Creative Multimedia at L.I.T Clonmel, Tipperary. We cover a wide variety of topics in our course, including Video & Motion graphics, 3D Modelling, Web Development, Graphic design and more. It's a great course if you're creative but have no idea what you'd like to do for a career. I enjoy each module, but as soon as we touched on game design I was hooked. It encompassed every favourite aspect of what we had learned, graphic design, animation, programming, and audio. I focused all my time on our assignment and knew it was something I should definitely pursue.

How did you come across Myrkur?
As part of college we have to do work placement, and I was dead set on doing it at a game company. I took time to research and create a detailed list of each company in Iceland, which I whittled down to four - Myrkur being my most favoured. They seemed to be within my vein of interest. I specifically wanted to do audio work, and their game's description offered a great playground for creativity. I contacted Marco Bancale to get his thoughts, and he was confident that Myrkur would be a sure deal; a prophesy that came true.

Why did you choose Iceland?
I live right beside the woods and mountains, and have spent countless hours wandering around appreciating the landscape. I love archaeology and folklore, which Ireland's countryside is drenched in - vikings being a prominent factor. I could be doing an internship on a nice hot beach while being fanned with palm leaves by scantly clad ladies, but I needed to be somewhere my interests could accumulate. Mountains? Vikings? Landscapes? Hmmm...

Why did you specifically want to do audio work?
I've a lecturer who says "whatever you want to do, combine it with something you love". It was clear from college that I should pursue programming, and I love making music. I'm steering myself in the direction of being an audio developer. Myrkur has provided a great insight into the task involved.

Do you do a lot of music work?
I make music under the name FireToy. Producing is something I've wanted to do for years and I've finally got the ball rolling. I like working with vocalists, and aim to work with them a lot more often. Releasing instrumentals is great, but vocals really bring music to life. FireToy has been such a great platform for creativity, as I also create my own artwork and animate it. Pretty satisfying.

Any other interests?
Archaeology, fantasy novels, and pubs with one old man in the corner who hasn't moved in 20 years and is possibly still sipping the same pint.