Einar Oddsson Myrkur Games Internship 3D Artist

Einar Sturluson at Myrkur - 3D Artist Internship Program

Einar Sturluson recently joined Myrkur Games as an intern, participating in the team's effort to create an engaging experience for players in The Darken: Echoes of the End. Einar is currently working towards his diploma in multimedia and digital arts at the Reykjavík Academy of Digital Entertainment, focusing on 3D modelling and asset creation. He will be developing characters here at Myrkur, constructing them from photogrammetric scans and real-life models. He will also be bringing the various creatures found inside the world of The Darken to life, through his skill in sculpting.

Interning can be a great jumpstart to anyone's career and often results in a job or a strong network of connections and recommendations. It is also to get first hand experience of a pipeline that is hard to get used to, learning industry standards and other things you don't get an opportunity to learn in school.