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Myrkur Games with Aldin Dynamics at Game Makers Iceland

Thank you all who came out to see us and Aldin Dynamics at the Game Makers Iceland event on September 19th! We were blown away by the turn-out and we hope that we will see you all at our upcoming events. Massive thanks to Game Makers Iceland for hosting us!

The event summary from Game Makers Iceland:

Myrkur Games

Halldór S. Kristjánsson, CEO & Co-Founder of Myrkur Games will discuss the production of their upcoming video game series, The Darken, and the challenges of starting a game company.

Myrkur Games is an Icelandic based developer working on an original story-driven fantasy adventure game series. In order to compete with the industry leaders with this highly ambitious project, they’ve adapted the latest technological advances from fields such as photogrammetry and motion capture to suit a small team of under 20 people.

In the Darken, players take the role of Ryn, a Syrouvian warrior, as she is faced with betrayal, conflict and danger in her efforts to serve her queen. Players guide Ryn on her journey as she’s cast adrift from all she knows, and must make challenging decisions that shape the story of not just the first game, but the rest of the series as well.

Aldin Dynamics

Aldin Dynamics

Hrafn Þorri Þórisson, CEO and Gunnar Steinn Valgarðsson, CTO, co-founders of Aldin will introduce the past work of Aldin and discuss an upcoming VR title.

Aldin is an Icelandic VR software company founded in early 2013, focused on creating believable virtual reality experiences and technologies to sustain presence & immersion. Since its founding, the Aldin team has passionately worked towards capturing experiences that are only possible in VR, in ways that entertain and inspire diverse audiences.

Hrafn has led Aldin's business vision and product design strategy since co-founding the company in 2013. His past experience is in design and software development in areas of AI, virtual worlds and simulations.

Gunnar has led Aldin's product and technological development efforts since co-founding the company in 2013. He has years of experience in software design, graphics and development, both as a developer and manager of software products within the fields of gaming, AI and education.

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Game Makers Iceland is a grassroots games community in Iceland. Game Makers Iceland host monthly meetups which are open to all (Myrkur Games attends ALL of these events, each month). Game Makers Iceland community is passionate about growing a diverse and inclusive games scene in Iceland. We believe everyone has the potential to be a game maker!

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