Midgard Myrkur Games

Myrkur will be attending Midgard!

Myrkur is going to Midgard this year!!

We will have a booth will an early developer preview of The Darken - so make sure to show up and great the developers!

Midgard is Iceland's first all-inclusive convention. It does not focus on any specific genre or fandom and instead caters to all crowds! The goal of Midgard is to provide a get together for fans of video games, board games, cosplay, tabletop games, comics, artists, movies, tv series, books, and many other things. Midgard is held on 15 - 16th of September in 2018, with exhibitors showing off their games or wares, vendors selling cool items, artists showing their art, panels about many different topics, workshops, special guests, and much more. In addition, there will be multiple competitions and tournaments, like the Icelandic Cosplay Championship, Warhammer 40k tournaments, the Nordic Cosplay Championship preliminaries, X-wing tournaments, board game competitions, as well as many others.

The Midgard team is dedicated to providing a safe, entertaining and welcoming home for fans of all genres.

Looking forward to seeing you all there! More about Midgard on From www.midgardreykjavik.is