Newsletter #1

2018 in Review

A look back at a busy year

Looking ahead in 2019

What do we expect to happen in 2019

Newsletter #1

2018 in Review

A look back at a busy year

Looking ahead in 2019

What do we expect to happen in 2019

Our very first newsletter

The goal of this newsletter is to keep our friends, investors and partners in the loop with the latest news and updates. We plan to keep these coming every so often, focusing on transparency and openness with current events.

As this is our first newsletter and includes a full year in review, it’s a bit lengthier than we expect future newsletters to be.

2018 in review

In summary, we’ve had a remarkable year, characterized by countless successes and breakthroughs. We developed the crucial tools, technology and pipelines that enable us to defy expectation of what a team of our size is capable of.

Photo Scanning

We built a full face and body photoscanning rig and developed a unique character production pipeline, to create photorealistic characters for the Unreal Engine.
Similar solutions have, up until now, almost exclusively been available to the largest companies and heavily specialized studios.

Facial Rigging of Photoreal Characters

To create facial expressions for photorealistic characters, we developed our own facial rigging pipeline from scratch. This allows us to create lifelike facial animations for all of our characters in-house, which is one of the biggest barriers to AAA story driven games. We are one of the smallest studios to achieve this, so I consider this an immense accomplishment by our team.
We’ve created several beautiful environments, primarily based on our scans of Iceland and Canada with many more visually stunning environments to come in early 2019.

Environment Production

For our environments production, we’ve developed a pipeline for quickly scanning and processing scans from real environments into optimized, photorealistic game models. This is directly applicable to any scan data, including online scan libraries such as Megascans, with scans from all over the world. We now match/outperform industry leaders in terms of speed and quality, according to available data.

We built a


We built our very own motion capture studio – the first commercial optical studio in Iceland. We can support multiple actors in body and facial capture as well as multiple props and/or animals, with near perfect tracking.
In December we covered the floor with soft exercise mattresses and are now in the process of acoustically treating the space, which is expected to finish next week. At that point, we will be fully ready to start recording the scenes of the game.
Since setting up the studio, we’ve also developed powerful, automated support tools to bring the motion capture data into our gaming engine very quickly.

We’re honing our exciting story and setting, with most of the story plotted out and the screenplay for the first chapters coming along very nicely. As it stands we are just about ready to start recording the first scenes with our actors in the beginning of February.

We’ve cast talented actors and actresses, including Aldís Amah Hamilton, Ingunn Lára Kristjánsdóttir and Guðsteinn Fannar Ellertsson, as well as several to-be-announced actors that we are very excited to tell you more about in 2019.

From our Playable Demo at
Midgard in 2018

Connecting with new people

We presented a playable demo of our game at the completely sold out Midgard convention at Laugardagshöll. We received incredibly positive feedback from convention goers. In addition to our playable demo, we had multiple speakers on several convention panels, on subjects including the Icelandic gaming industry and the status of women in the gaming world.
We presented our company at multiple venues, including a house filled studio presentation with Game Makers Iceland, radio interviews in Iceland and Norway, a TV Interview with BBC Arabia and an Icelandic TV show (coming up 2019), as well as being a highlighted feature in Reykjavík University’s student attraction material.

Panel Attendances

Games in Iceland


Women in Games

Eydís og Aldís

Funding in 2018

We’ve secured a total of 300k USD in angel investments from great people who share our vision of a new era of great, high-quality premium games.
We received the prestigious Sproti grant from the Technological Development Fund, taking us to a total of 220k USD in grants received.
We also received the second highest grade possible (A2) on our “Vöxtur” grant application with outstanding written feedback. We will be re-applying for the grant in fall 2019, as we hit major new milestones.

We welcomed new members to the Myrkur team


Lead Writer & Performance Director


Character & Creature Artist



Interns and Students Projects

In 2018 we had an Erasmus grant student, Calvin from Ireland, stay with us to do sound design work on the game as part of his curriculum. Additionally, Einar Sturluson from the Reykjavík Academy of Digital Entertainment interned as a character and creature artist with us until fall in 2018.

We have more international Erasmus applicants lined up for 2019 and we’ve accepted students from Reykjavík University for the spring semester 2019 to work on their final projects with Myrkur Games.

We've moved!

We're now located at Fiskislóð 31, Grandi

Near the end of 2018, we moved to a new and improved office location in the Grandi area in Reykjavík. We rented two adjacent spaces, one for development and the other for motion capture and photo scanning. By building a door between the two spaces, we’ve connected our office directly to the motion capture studio, which is incredibly valuable to our developers and team members.


The Grandi area is undergoing rapid development, with a lot of impressive companies now locating themselves in the area. At Grandi, our office is within walking distance of multiple other studios and valuable resources.

2019 – Looking Forward

We’re planning to throw a housewarming party for investors, sometime in the coming weeks (date TBD). We want to give everyone the opportunity to see the new office, our motion capture studio and celebrate the exciting times up ahead.

Shooting of various motion capture has already started, but we’re currently setting up acoustic treatment and finalizing little aspects of the studio for our own use as well as outside rental. As mentioned above, we’ll start recording scenes for the game’s slice with our talented actors in February, and we aim to release that slice in late Q1/early Q2. Ahead of that is continued production of the project.

We’ll also be hosting a shareholder meeting in the coming weeks, presenting our fundraising plans, which include starting talks with funds, investors, advisors and publishers to support continued development after the release of the slice.

We all feel that Myrkur Games has a very positive buzz all around, as an up and coming game company with a grand vision and an ambitious product. We believe that we will take part in defining the future of the video gaming industry with the high-quality game series we’ve come together to develop. Over the coming years, we hope to grow Myrkur Games into a household name, as a game developer known for grand games and great adventures.

My personal thanks to everyone for your overwhelming support in 2018. Together, let’s make 2019 another great year for Myrkur Games.

Halldór S. Kristjánsson
CEO and Co-founder of Myrkur Games