Myrkur Games is a new game developer based in Iceland, working on an ambitious AA title called “The Darken: Echoes of the End” ( The Darken is a spectacular new story-driven action adventure game, and a kick off to an expanding trilogy set in a completely new and original fantasy setting. With the focus on delivering a powerful, character-driven story and personal relationships, the game features a large cast of highly realistic characters, with lifelike digital doubles of real actors and fully motion captured performances. This is paired with realistic photo scanned environments, intertwined with elements of fantasy to create a stunning visual experience.


  • Gaming industry veteran: You have shipped one or more games of Double-A or Triple-A quality. You served served a meaningful role in the production as an animator, developer, environment artist, technical artist, VFX artist or anything else.
  • Your passion is games: You love playing games of all kind and and have deep passion for creating a fantastic gaming experience for a worldwide audience.
  • Who you are: You’re a good communicator and driven to work within highly passionate and ambitious team. You have fun making games and willing to go the extra mile to create a fantastic player experience.

Myrkur Games strives to be a fun and innovative workplace, encouraging and rewarding creativity and personal growth. Our friendly, driven and passionate team will inspire you to push the envelope and deliver fantastic results. At Myrkur Games you will take part in leading the way to create a new and unique fantasy experience.

WHAT WE WANT TO KNOW: What can bring to the team? What was your role in the titles you have shipped? Does your portfolio reflect the quality that we are looking for?


  1. Your CV, highlighting your experience, education and skills.
  2. A portfolio of your best work (attach material or send us a link to your personal website or online portfolio.
  3. A brief cover letter expressing why you are interested in joining the team to develop The Darken.