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“My grandmother always used to say: if you can make a video game – anyone can.”

     Tumi is a developer and software designer at Myrkur Games, hired after completing his internship with the company through Reykjavík University. Tumi strives to challenge himself and will happily take on some of the most difficult tasks in the game’s development. Tumi has a variety of responsibilities including the game’s narrative system, character controls, and UI implementation.

     Beyond programming, Tumi is a traveller at heart and a avid gamer. Whether it’s board games or video games, you‘ll usually find him either playing one, watching a related video, or both.

     In his childhood, Tumi regularly traveled around Iceland with his family. This fueled his passion for continuously traveling whenever he can, dreaming of a time he can spend half his time traveling the world, and the other half closed in a room, programming. He thoroughly enjoys playing Dungeons and Dragons, both as player and Dungeon Master, and trying to create music with… mixed results. Wherever he goes, he carries with him a smile, a laugh, and his personal brand of self-deprecating humor.

     Tumi’s favorite games include Dota 2, The Half-Life Series, The Uncharted Series, and Bloodborne.

“Games really are central to my life. I have a job as a game developer, a degree in computer science, and will always be a gamer at heart.”

“I’ve always loved to travel. There’s a lot of mountains to climb in this world, and as the Todd himself would say: if you can see them, you can climb them.”

“There is an old kids song called ‘Tumi fer á fætur,’ or ‘Tumi wakes up.’ I have worked my entire life to reverse that stereotype of us Tumis.”

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